Homemade Penis Extender

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As penis extenders get famous worldwide, it has become normal for a man to try to make his penis bigger.

Penis extenders are not sold as cheap as everybody wants it to be, so men resort to much cheaper alternative such as using a homemade penis extender. Homemade penis extenders are really easy to make and is very cheap as their parts are sold in the hardware stores.

Homemade Extenders? – Think Twice!

Homemade penis extenders have 2 components to build: The foam extender and the rubber ring retainer to brace the extender at the back of the glands. Yes, this is cheaper compared to a commercialized penis extender such as Vimax but this is not safe.

As you make a penis extender at home, you open up the risks of hurting your penis and making things worst. What a homemade penis extender does is, it stops and stimulate blood flow to the penis and then stretches it.

This could be very dangerous for your private part because too much stopping of blood flow from it might cause impotency or erection problems. Plus homemade penis extenders are not tested by experts and are not recommended by doctors.

So I advise you not to try a homemade extender. It will not help you, yet it might jeopardize your future.

Instead of making a homemade extender, what I advise you to do is to buy the cheapest top quality penis extender out there like Vimax.

Vimax is at least on top 5 of hundreds of penis extenders sold today which is really cheap. Vimax’s targets are those people who seek cheap extenders.

They do not just offer packages that make some of them too expensive but they also offer selling just the device. You can buy other extras of this product separately if you want.

Difference Between Homemade Penis Extender and Vimax Extender

Homemade extenders are just made at home without precautions and without expert’s supervision. On the other hand, Vimax penis extender is made by professionals, it is tested by professionals and guaranteed safe. It is also recommended by doctors to be used.

Homemade extender is not a sure thing. You are not guaranteed that it will work or at least not hurt your penis. Vimax extender guarantees everyone who purchased it that they will see a difference in 3 to 6 months. They even offer their buyers a 6 months money back guarantee.

Both homemade extender and Vimax extender are cheap. Vimax extender only costs $99.95. But evidently homemade extender does not have the credibility to help you with your penile problems. As a matter of fact, making homemade extender is just wasting your money because of its ineffectiveness. It’s just like throwing away your money. Unlike if you buy top quality extenders, you are definitely guaranteed to achieve what you want.

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