Best Penis Extenders Reviews

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Penis extenders, initially created by medical professionals to correct penile curvatures, proved to become the most effective method of increasing penis length and girth.

There are several ways to increase penis size now, such as enhancement pills, penis exercise programs, patches, pumps. But comparing to all of these methods, penis extenders have 1 major advantage – only penis extender can give you permanent penis enlargement results, with the rest you just achieve moderate and temporary success, if any!

Another unbeatable advantage is that penis extenders appear to be the easiest way to enlarge your penis. Adding 1-1.5 inches to penis length may require 6-9 months of daily consistent exersice routines. Penis pumps also cause moderate enlargement, while posing serious risk of damaging your penile vessels. Patches are a waste of money. Pills usually only improve your erections and create visual illusion of increased size, which is temporary.

Today’s market of penis extenders is growing, and many extenders brands popping out, but are they all safe and effective? There are too many companies that scream about fast enlargement results, and their product quality, but in reailty many extenders prove to be made of unreliable materials, and not calibrated for maximum effectiveness and safety of traction. Yet, they cost as much as the top of the range extenders. That’s why out independent resource reviews penis extenders and dissects quality from fakes.

There are too many variables that determine the quality of extender, such as quality of materials and extender parts, technology used to ensure comfort of wearing, reputation of the manufacturer, and real medical evidence of it’s effectiveness.

We analysed almost every penis extender brand available on the market, and picked only the best penis exenders that fully comply with the highest standards and are worth your investment.

Here’s a quick glance into our best picked penis extenders:

#1 Recommended Penis Extender – SizeGenetics

sizegenetics extenderSizeGenetics is one of the most established brands in the industry, and still remains the pioneer when it comes to overall quality and results.

This is the extender created by plastic surgeons, clinically tested for safety and results, and endorsed by doctors worldwide as alternative to penis enlargement surgery.

SizeGenetics is being constantly improved, and offers the most advanced technology for the comfortable usage. It’s made of the medical-grade materials and carries the European CE stamp of approval, only given to the highest quality devices.

What’s most important – the results that men get with SizeGenetis are clinically studied, so you are guaranteed to achieve up to 3 inches penis growth using SizeGenetics. Results are based on actual studies, not claims. The evidence from 1000′s of real SizeGenetics customers is incredibly positive.

Another advantage of SizeGenetics is the best value for money among the top rated devices. WIth SizeGenetics extender you also get huge discount for other male enhancement products, free access to PenisHealth exercise program, LoveCentria sex guide. Each order is covered by full 180-days money-back guarantee and free shipping worldwide.


#2 – X4 Labs Extender

x4 labs penis extenderX4 Labs extender is another top rated device for highest standards of it’s development and production. X4 Labs main feature is focusing on maxumum effectiveness in penis enlargement by providing exclusive comfort strap systems that ensure perfect fixation of extender on penis of ANY size and shape.

X4 extender’s hybrid support systems allow you to pick the most convenient type of extender fixation for your penis, that allows you to ahieve enlargement results much faster than with outdated silicone strap found on 99% of other penis extenders.

These developments by X4Labs lead to exceptionally high success rate among X4Labs customers.

Another huge advantage of X4Labs is offering 5 different packages of extender – depending on your penis size and budget. Each package also allows you to pick the option for increasing penis girth is this is your main concern.

Just like SizeGenetics, X4 Labs extender has also been clinically tested for guaranteed results, and company offers full 6 months guarantee and free shipping.


#3 – Vimax Extender

vimax penis extenderVimax extender is one of the most reputable extenders on the male enhancement market. It’s been available for over 7 years, and it’s popularity is very stable.

Vimax extender is made of the medical grade allergen-free materials, and also passed clinical proof of effectiveness. Average increase in penis length with Vimax is up to 3 inches, and up to 25% in penis girth.

The only drawback comparing to the SizeGenetics and X4Labs is the silicone noose strap that was the standard for many years, until more advanced technologies appeared like hybrid comfort straps.

However, the Vimax company decided to make this extender affordable to most men, since it proved it’s effectiveness. So now instead of paying $289.95 (it was the cost for many years) you can affort it only for $99.95.

Vimax extender is the most affordable among top of the range penis extenders. Clinically tested and proven to work, high quality device, 180-days money back guarantee for only $99.95 makes this extender our #3 pick.

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